• Head of Corporate Internal Audit Division: Lambas Sitompul

    Indonesian citizen, 52 years old, residing in Jakarta, appointed as Head of the Corporate Internal Audit of Our Company based on the No: 284/ OHR-JKT/BSP-SKP/IV/2019. Has more than 20 years of professional experience after completing his formal education in Accounting at the Sumatera Utara University, North Sumatra and joined Our Company in October 2011 as Head of the Corporate Financial Accounting & Reporting Division.


    Organizational Structure

    The implementation of internal audit in Our Company is the responsibility, duty and functions of the Corporate Internal Audit Division. Head of Corporate Internal Audit Division is responsible to the the President Director and coordinative relations with the Board of Commissioners through the Audit Committee.

    The structure and hierarchy in the Corporate Internal Audit Division are as follows: 

    • Head of Division - 1 person; 
    • Head of Department - 1 person; 
    • Auditor - 3 persons, with background in the field of Agronomy (2 people) and Mechanical Engineering (1 person).


    Main Tasks and Responsibilities

    Our Company Corporate Internal Audit Division has the main tasks and responsibilities to conduct objective and independent evaluation systematically pertaining to the reliability of financial and operational reporting, operational effectiveness and efficiency, compliance with prevailing laws and regulations, as well as protection of company assets. In addition, the Corporate Internal Audit Division also performs the evaluation of risk management and corporate governance process which are relied upon to facilitate the attainment of company objectives.

    The implementation of the main tasks and responsibilities is conducted through both regular operational audit assignments and special audit assignments, as well as other assignments on consultative basis. Results of the assignments are reported to the Board of Directors and other related parties for further follow-ups.

  • Our Company’s Board of Directors with the consent of the Board of Commissioners, has established the Audit Charter which is a formal document containing the acknowledgement of the existence and commitment of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners to the Corporate Internal Audit Division to be able to perform the authority, tasks and responsibilities competently, independently, objectively and accountably; so that to be acceptable by all parties concerned. This Audit Charter is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the harmonization with Our Company’s development, best practices and applicable regulations.

    • Internal Audit Charter Updated on November 1, 2018