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PT Bakrie Sumatera Plantations Tbk is a sustainable integrated agro-business operating in the business of oil palm plantation and the production of palm oil and its derivatives; rubber plantation and the processing of natural rubber products and its derivatives; and oleochemicals processing. Our production of CPO and PK in Our Company is based on the supply of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) derived from company-owned plantations (nucleus), plasma plantations, and purchases from third parties. We operate 5 (five) palm oil processing plants, 3 (three) natural rubber processing plants and 1 processing plants in the Oleochemicals segment.

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Innovation for Better Plantation

In line with the development of technology and innovations to enhance productivity level, PT Bakrie Sumatera Plantations Tbk in cooperation with ASD-Costa Rica has developed the Seed Garden nursery facility located in Kisaran, North Sumatra. The venture produces premium quality oil palm seeds (DxP Themba, DxP Spring, DxP CR Supreme and DxP CR Ovane) with an expected plant life of 30 years and productivity potentials of 40 tons of FFB per hectare, higher than common seeds which yield 25-30 tons of FFB per hectare. Our focus on productivity enhancement has also been conducted through Bakrie Agricultural Research Institute (BARI).

Planted Palm and Rubber Plantation Area
Ikon Sawit
68,082 Ha
Area of Operations
Ikon Sawit
Ikon Sawit
Total Employees
Ikon Orang
7,633 people

Production Capacity

Kuala Tanjung 973,500 MT/year
Tanjung Morawa 52,800 MT/year
Sumatera Utara 75 Ton/hour
Sumatera Barat 60 Ton/hour
Jambi 90 Ton/hour
Home Sustainability
Home Sustainability
Home Sustainability

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

We committed towards the 3P Principles: People, Planet, Profit. Our Company prioritizes the enhancement of contribution to the economic environment which provides sustainable benefits, implements community development through the enhancement of the land’s added-values, minimizes the ecological footprint in its growth, and contributes significantly to the preservation of the environment; in line with the efforts to maintain business sustainability. In relation to environmental management, Our Company minimizes green house gas emissions and waste water; prioritizes acquisitions over land clearance; and applies the zero burning principle consistently.

ISPO RSPO SIK3 ISO 9001 2015 ISO 14001 2015 SNI PROPER

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