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Our Company gives adequate attention to the information needs of all stakeholders. The provision of information is handled by several separate units, based on the stakeholders to serve



Our company has applied a digital information system called as ‘BSP Portal’, which provides computer network access for all employees to information about corporate policies, standard procedures and documents pertaining to operations/activities and employment issues, including but not limited to the Code of Conduct and the GCG System.

Our company also has an internal magazine, Harmoni, which contains various information about policies, strategies, activities and personnel of the company, with a focus on CSR implementation.

Our company also published HR Bulletin as communication media to disseminate information between the management and employees, as well as being a form of tranparency of the policy system applied.


Our Company publishes quarterly financial statements and management reports, annual report, and regular management discussion and analysis as a form of disclosure of information to be communicated to the public.

Our company Annual Report as well as other documents related to the information about our company can be accessed through the website at