BSP is one of Indonesia’s oldest producers of natural rubber. Its first estate in Kisaran, North Sumatra was opened in 1911. Today, the company is still Indonesia’s single largest latex producer. It is also unique among plantation companies in still producing the complete range of natural rubber products from Latex to Block Skim Rubber (BSR).
Although palm has overtaken rubber recently in terms of hectarage, the company remains committed to the rubber business and is further expanding its rubber plantations through greenfield plantings.
The company’s rubber trees are now into their fourth planting cycle. Replanting is regularly done when the rubber trees reach 25 years old. However, the company has slightly delayed its replanting program over the last two years (2006-2007) to take advantage of the high prevailing rubber price. The company will again accelerate its replanting program beginning 2008 as its old rubber trees are becoming less productive.

The company currently has around 20,747ha hectares of land planted with rubber trees. All of the group’s rubber plantations are located in Sumatra.

The bulk of BSP’s estate production is processed into the high grade centrifuged latex. However, the group also sells other categories of processed natural rubber as follows:
Value Added Products:

Higher grade products:

  • SIR 3 CV
  • SIR 10/20
  • RSS-1
  • Cream Latex
  • Centrifuge Latex

Lower grade products

  • Bulk Standard Rubber
  • Brown Crepe Rubber


   Processing Capacity
Products Total (Tonnes/year)
Cream Latex 19000
Centrifugal Latex 26130
SIR 3CV 4275
SIR 10/20 24600
RSS 1 4260
BSR 3075