Monitor and provide guidance over the course of policy and operations, provide advice to the Board of Directors, monitor the effectiveness of the implementation of Corporate Governance practices


  • Investigate, analyze and sign the Annual Report; implement monitoring over the Annual Budget, business plans, business strategies and the implementation of Good Corporate Governance;
• Implement monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of the internal control system and the implementation of the duties of internal and external auditors;
• Evaluate the performance of the Board of Directors;
• Provide suggestions to the Shareholders regarding the nomination procedure for the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors
• Propose the remuneration system procedures for the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners; and
• Propose corrective measures for company activities which are to be reported to the GMS.


  Give a consent on policies and actions of the Board of Directors, related to financing, loan, pledge of collaterals, insurance and sale/acquisition of company assets, investments, divestments, setting the annual budget and business plans, and changes in the company’s management structure; and has full access to company information.

The Board of Commissioners also have authorities over the appointment of experts regarding the implementation of supervisory tasks over managerial duties if needed, request for explanation by the Board of Directors, and the temporary dismissal of any member of the Board of Directors prior to the holding of the Extraordinary GMS (EGMS).