Your Company continues to conduct sound, transparent and accountable management as a form of GCG. One of the attempts to implement the GCG is the development of standard mechanisms for responding and following-up complaints/reports by internal and external stakeholders on allegations of violations of corporate regulations (whistleblowing system).
Your Company’s designated Violations Reporting and Handling System (SPPTP - Sistem Pelaporan dan Penanganan Tindak Pelanggaran) complies to the general guidelines with regards to prevailing corporate characters and corporate culture values.

Objectives and Benefits of Whistleblowing System
The purpose of the designated implementation of the Violations Reporting and Handling System is to provide the means and standard mechanisms to handle complaints of stakeholders - both internal and external - for alleged violations by all levels of employees and management with fair and accountable follow-ups.
Benefits of the availability of the SPPTP in Your Company include but are not limited to:

  • The creation of a conducive and encouraging environment for the reporting of matters that can cause financial or non-financial losses, including matters that might jeopardize the corporate image;
  • Facilitate the management to effectively deal with reports of violations while protecting the anonymity of the complainant (whistleblower);
  • The encouragement of a reluctance to commit violations due to the availability of an effective violations reporting system;
  • The availability of an early warning system on the possibility of problems caused by violations;
  • Reduced violations-based risks faced by the company in terms of financial, legal operations, occupational safety and reputation;
  • Lower costs of handling of violations effects;
  • The enhancement of the company’s reputation in the eyes of the stakeholders, regulators and the public;
  • The availability of feedback or suggestions to the company management to be able to look beyond the critical areas and work processes that have potential internal control weaknesses, as well as to design the necessary remedial action.